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Our story started by understanding that the dimensions of diversity have broadened over time, creating new competency demands in professional and personal spaces. Seeing how the world is increasingly growing more diverse and entering into the workplace and how collectively organizations are spending billions of dollars annually toward diversity and inclusion training and yet there continues to be an increase in workplace EEO claims, raised awareness to the fact that ‘Houston, we have a problem’!

Diversity is part of a complex spectrum that will require competencies that often fall outside of the standard range of professional development of those charged with leading today’s organizations.

Currently organizations seek diversity expertise either:

>> In response to a crisis need. 

>> To help meet a short-term objective such as a training.

>> To help meet a long-term objective such as strategy development.

The CentricOrgs platform was thoughtfully developed with all of this in mind to connect organizations and trusted diversity professionals in a central place with a primary focus to support diversity, equity, and inclusion capacity building.

What we do

Centric connects organizations with DE&I professionals

Imagine a platform where organizations of all structures and sizes can take the hassle out of locating a trusted diversity partner and where diversity professionals can increase their exposure to a network of companies that value diversity but may need their expertise to aid in transforming an organizational culture all in the most cost-effective way. Well, that is exactly why CentricOrgs was started!

Centric, as we are often referred to as, is a unique tool that will ease the steps in getting closer to accomplishing short and long-term diversity goals. 

Whether you are an organization looking for expertise in DEI strategy planning, meaningful metrics, a workshop or a keynote speaker-OR if you are an individual looking for DEI educational resources- OR a DEI pro looking to increase your exposure—Centric got your focus covered!

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Connecting organizations and trusted diversity professionals in a central place.


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